Are You a ‘Toy’s R Us’ Kid?

Consider Ephesians 4:13-16.

A casual reading of the New Testament reveals a clear emphasis upon growing up and maturing as God’s people. This is a desire every parent has for their children. I remember a very catchy jingle I heard as a child. It was part of an advertisement campaign by a large toy retailer. The main thought went like this, “I don’t wanna grow, I wanna be a Toys R Us kid.’ Even now as you are reading this, you can hear the music playing in your mind. It was a very powerful and successful jingle. Perhaps, too successful.

During the 1970’s ‘adolescence’ was commonly defined as that period of youth and development stretching from age 13-18. According to today’s standard, adolescence is that period of youth and development stretching from age 13-30. You read that right! Adolescence runs clear to 30 years old.

This shift did not happen overnight. During the 70’s, movies and television programs featured 8-13 year olds engaged in immature/comical behavior. In the 80’s the age increased to include the ‘Brat Pack’. In the 90’s it was ‘Friends’ and the twenty-year olds. Today it is grown men featured on the big screen acting as if they were children. That may be all for entertainment, but it illustrates a definite move in our culture. No one wants to grow up, ‘because if we did, we couldn’t be a Toy’s R Us Kid’!

It is called ‘Perpetual Adolescence’ or ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’. Here is the question we must ask ourselves, “Is this healthy?” More important, “Has this spilled over into the church?” Sadly for many of God’s people, it has. Too many Christians are content to remain infants in Christ. Like the world around us, we have created a culture of immaturity in the pews. Friend, God desires for us to grow! To grow in grace. To grow is faith. To grow in our knowledge of God and His Word. To grow up into Him in all things.  Let us make a conscious effort to mature in Christ! Unite with a local church where God’s Word is taught. Study His Word on your own. Find a place where you can use your gifts and talents for the LORD. When you do, you will discover growing up is not bad at all!

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