Come to Jesus and See -Mark 5:15

Read Mark 5:1-21


In Mark chapter 5, we read of that remarkable event when Jesus healed the man possessed of a legion of demons. You remember the story. The legion entered a herd of swine, ran down the hill, and cast themselves into the sea. Those watching the swine ran into the city afraid.
But neither the swine nor the legion of demons is the focus of this event. It is the individual. The one man who spent much of his life among the tombs. The man who lived his life in torment. The man whom no man could tame; although many had tried. They had chained him up, bound him with fetters, but in his demonic strength, he always broke loose. No man could tame him (verses 3, 4).

What man could not do -JESUS could! It is the Lord Jesus Who makes all the difference! At His word, the demons fled and the man was set free. When all the city was ‘come to Jesus, and see’. What did they see? They saw the man that no one could tame, sitting at Jesus’ feet, clothed, and in his right mind.

Right now, we are in a situation that no man can tame. But let us take heart, for what man cannot do, JESUS CAN!