Tips for Attending Online Worship Services

It appears that we will be enjoying Cyber Sundays for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, allow me to share a few ideas for making the most of our Online Worship Services.

Be Ready to Worship –If it is a morning service; get up, get dressed, and have breakfast so that you can come with the right mindset to worship. If it is an evening service, delay putting on your bedclothes, come dressed and ready to meet with God.

Come Together to Worship –designate one central place to gather for Church like the Living Room or Dining Room Table. If you are with your family, lead your children in worship and let them see you demonstrating these practical suggestions.

Give Attention to Worship –avoid the temptation to multitask. Set everything aside and give your full attention to the broadcast. Use the largest available screen at your home to view the service.

Participate in Worship –sing aloud with the hymns, bow your head and join in prayer, be responsive to the preaching by shouting ‘Amen!’. Bring your BIBLE so that you can read and follow along. Have a pen and notebook handy to write down what God speaks to your heart about.

Make Practical Application to the Worship Service –Pause for a moment after the broadcast is finished and quietly wait for God to speak to your heart. Pray together. Talk to your family about what you have just heard and ask them to share something they learned from the broadcast.
With God’s help and a reverent attitude towards the online worship service, we can come out of this current situation stronger than ever before! May God help us in these unusual times to keep our eyes upon Him.